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Coral Gables Parks and Recreation Summer Camp Information Guide 

Are you ready for summer camp?
Welcome to the City of Coral Gables Parks and Recreation Summer Camps. The City of Coral Gables Parks and Recreation Division provides school-age Summer Camps for residents and the surrounding communities. These Summer Camps provide quality childcare services to patrons with well trained staff, thematic activities, fun and active field trips as well as a safe and clean environment for everyone to enjoy. 

The Parks & Recreation Division of the Community Recreation Department offers a wide variety of camps to meet the needs and interests of our patrons. Although many camps are programmed and staffed directly by the City of Coral Gables Parks and Recreation division, we also offer a variety of additional camps that are run by contracted companies and staff. All camp staff and volunteers have completed thorough background checks and screens prior to working in any Parks facility.

The information presented in this guide is designed to prepare you and your child for what to expect during the summer as well as to provide you with useful knowledge on how to have a fun and safe summer.

Please check the camp calendar for any specific clothing requirements for the upcoming week’s field trips. (i.e. ice-skating, swimming, etc.) Remember that your child is in camp to have fun, learn and play – do not send him/her in any clothing that cannot get dirty. No offensive/revealing clothing may be worn (i.e. offensive language, racial or sexual slurs, advertising alcohol or drugs, backless/transparent shirts, high cut shorts). Flip-flops and sandals are not permitted (unless at a water facility/field trip location requiring sandals). If a camper will be swimming that day, sandals may be worn at the water park/facility but for safety reasons, campers must change back into sneakers for the remainder the day. If a child has only flip flops, camp staff will contact the parents to inform them that they must bring another pair of shoes to camp or the child will have to sit out of the scheduled activities.

II. Drop-off & Pick-up
All camps offer some type of early drop off and/or late pick-up option or a combination of the two. Please check each camp listing for specific information on early drop-off and late pick-up options.

III. Identification Policy
Only persons listed on the authorized pick-up list with proper ID are permitted to pick up Campers. Please be prepared to show your ID EACH TIME you sign-out your child. If you have included family members or friends as authorized pick-ups please make sure they are aware of the mandatory ID policy.
Please be patient at Sign-Out time. The Counselors must enforce this policy for your child’s safety.  

IV. Parking 
During check in the parking lot is one way only. Maps are available at registration. Parking is permitted in marked stalls only, NOT at curbs or the front circular drive. The Police Department will be issuing tickets to vehicles parked illegally (i.e. Youth Center circular drive, Handicap Spaces and those parked illegally at the curb surrounding the field). Please help us make our parking lots a safe area during the busy summer camp season.

V. Field Trips
Full-day camps may take field trips throughout the day. Field trip locations include local park facilities; water parks/water slides, indoor recreation centers, Go Kart Racing, Rock Climbing, trampoline facilities, water ski areas and much more. Field trips may require release waivers to be signed & submitted prior to arrival. Email addresses submitted at time of registration will be used to communicate with parents and legal guardians with respect to release waivers for upcoming trips. Weekly waiver packets will be emailed to parents prior to the first day of camp each week so parents can make proper arrangements to complete waivers and any other requirements, (i.e. notarization). Registrations occurring the first day of camp will need to complete any necessary waivers at time of registration.

All camp staff are background checked and drug screened prior to appointment of position. Additionally, they are CPR and first aid certified as well as trained on how to use an AED. Staff members are also required to complete a Counselor Orientation and Training which covers program policies, procedures, safety drills and prepares them for the expectations of camp in the summer.

CIT’s (Counselors in Training) are utilized to assist counselors with both activities and supervision of the camp. CIT’s must be entering their Jr. or Sr. year in High School to be selected for this volunteer position. CIT’s are not used in place of counselors but rather as another set of eyes and ears to help supervise and maintain a fun and safe environment for our campers during the summer.

We assign one coordinator per group. Coordinators are the lead for each camp group and will be available at drop off and pick-up times to address parents about upcoming events, field trips, camp needs and behavioral issues. Coordinators are responsible for the camp activities and events and making sure the counselors they supervise are providing a quality camp experience.

We assign multiple counselors for each camp group. Depending on the amount of kids in the group, we will divide the participants into smaller groups, keeping at most a 10:1 camper to counselor ratio. Counselors may rotate groups depending on activities and field trips.


Head Lice
The City of Coral Gables Parks & Recreation Division maintains high health and safety standards at all times. Therefore, faced with issues such as head lice, the following procedures will be followed: the parent will be contacted and informed of the situation by phone and must immediately pick up the child. A child with head lice or nits (eggs) will only be allowed to return to camp with a Doctor's note showing treatment and confirmation of cleared condition. All children may be checked for head lice. All parents will be notified if lice have been confirmed in your child’s group during camp.

Injuries & Illness
Camp activities are designed to allow kids to play and have fun in a safe environment but occasionally accidents may occur. In the event of an injury or illness, campers will be brought into the main office for evaluation and care. Parents will be notified for all injuries requiring medical attention (i.e. Ice bag, band aid, etc.) regardless of severity. In the event we cannot get ahold of a parent, the emergency contact will be called. If an injury or illness presents as severe, Paramedics will be called to the scene, followed by parents and/or emergency contacts.
We do not provide any medication to campers nor do we carry prescription medications on-site. Campers requiring regular medication during camp must understand and be able to take personal medication individually. Counselors and staff are prohibited from administering medication to campers. **Only exception is an Epi-pen which must be provided by camper/parents.

Since campers are in the sun frequently, we strongly advise that each camper wear sunscreen, daily. Please apply prior to leaving home each day. If additional applications are necessary, please provide the sunscreen for your child and instruct them on application frequency. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide sunscreen for campers as part of the camp.


Best behavior is expected from both campers and staff. Coral Gables Parks & Recreation strives to provide an atmosphere of fairness and equal respect while participating in Summer Camp activities. Appropriate behavior is the joint responsibility of the child, parent, and camp staff.
If behavioral problems occur, the included discipline policy will be followed.

• First offense- meeting with camper and camp staff. Time-out or revocation of privileges will be instilled. Parent is notified and will be provided a misconduct form.

• Second offense- meeting with camper, parent(s) and supervisor. Possible suspension from camp activities for remainder of day, week, session pending severity. Parent is notified and may be asked to pick-up child from camp immediately. Disciplinary form is provided to parent and signature is required at time of sign-out.

• Third offense- child is removed from camp activities for remainder of the summer. Parent is provided and must sign documentation.

Please make sure you review the following with your child before camp begins: 

  • We communicate with each other by using our words and do not hit each other
  • We do not use bad language or tease others
  • We clean up after ourselves and do not throw trash on the floor
  • We do not take food or drinks into the rooms (water bottles are ok)
  • We take turns
  • We do not yell
  • We respect and listen to our fellow campers and Camp Counselors/Coordinators.
  • We put things back where we found them
  • We keep each other’s safety in mind at all times
  • We treat others, as we would like to be treated – with kindness, courtesy and respect.
  • WE PLAY BY THE GOLDEN RULE: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” 
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